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About us

About Us

SeneS Technology’s . . .

Since its establishment in 2004, SeneS Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed and domestically produced production equipment  through constant investment and research as well as the production of RFID tags. It has exported equipment not only domestically but also to Southeast Asia, and has been recognized for its technological capabilities and superior quality.

Based on the continuous research and accumulated technical capabilities of the development researchers, the company has also launched a series of small, six-axis, multi-joint industrial robots (Robo003/005/010/015), which simplify efficient coordination between humans and machines in terms of functions, and a zero-back drive (harmonic drive) of high quality.

our vision

transparent business operations

To our customers who rely on transparent business operations, We will work hard to be the most satisfying company.

Our executives will continue to represent Korea in the field of Card Inlay, industrial robots, and precision parts for robots, and will do their best to lead the 21st century technology with the highest quality through tireless research.